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  Can Solar Inc. (prior Orienthub Co., Ltd.) was established in 2012, an authorized combiner boxes manufacturer and a local sales representative company for prior Can Solar Inc. (Canada company). Prior Can Solar Inc. (Canada) ceaseed business in year 2017, Orienthub changed name to Can Solar Inc. at the time.

  All for solar.  Besides Can Solar's world unique compact combiner boxes, we produce surge arrester for solar installation and Aluminum-cast inline blocking diode as well as traditional plastic/metal DC and AC combiner boxes. Collaborate with middle Taiwan Hsiung-Fu for solar car parking shield, on-grid, off-grid solar system, in year 2017, we design and produce Solar Power Bank for Home, 2kW solar input with 3kWh LiFePO4 battery.

   亞太集能有限公司成立於2012年, 除了替前加拿大Can Solar Inc.製造太陽能匯流箱, 串列(外掛式)防逆流二極體,同時也作為Can Solar Inc.匯流箱的台灣代理。前加拿大Can Solar Inc.於2017年停止運作,同時亞太集能更改英文名稱為Can Solar Inc.

   亞太集能生產太陽能專用突波吸收器SPD、鋁壓鑄防逆流二極體,承接原Can Solar Inc.的模具品塑膠製匯流盒,同時也提供一般交流箱、直流箱的配盤。除與中台灣雄富土木包工業攜手太陽能停車棚的設計施工、併網、離網、自發自用型太陽 能系統,亞太集能於2017年設計製造鋰鐵電池太陽能儲能櫃。


CAN Solar Inc.'s products are as below,
- Compact size and "Plug&Go!" PV string and array combiner boxes.
  Lower labor costs, easy be installed, IP65 / NEMA 4X, fit to outdoor and indoor uses.
- Solar Power Bank for Home.
  2kW solar input, 2kVA inverter AC output and 12V DC output, with 3kWh LiFePO4 battery     and optional 6A utility charger..

- Inline blocking diode.
By applying metal enclosure, easy drain diode heat away to solar aluminum rack. Max. rating 10A string current. IP67, flameproof.

-  兩入一出太陽能匯流盒
IP65 / NEMA 4X,抗紫外光,室外/室內使用皆宜。

- 太陽能儲能櫃
  一體機,已內含太陽能MPPT充電器、AC220V (或110V)逆變器、三度電磷酸鋰鐵電池,有12V直流輸出、6安培市電充電器。

- 太陽能防逆流二極體
  使用鋁壓鑄外殼排熱功能良好,適用於1000V直流電壓 Imp 10A連續電流的太陽能串列。在日本及中國任何大型太陽能電廠均使用防逆流二極體。

Jamie Yang gave speech on the innovation exchange stage for combiners, InterSolar Munich 2012

創辦人Jamie Yang2012年慕尼黑太陽能展產品創新交流演講

Da-Hu office
office in  Da-Hu Science Park